Insurance companies are supposed to protect us from harm and financial loss, but who protects us from insurance companies when they are the ones doing the harm?

At the law firm of Michael L. Cohen, we have decades of experience successfully litigating class action lawsuits against companies that neglect their responsibilities. Whether it’s a mega-insurance company or a giant pharmaceutical that’s made false claims about drugs that have led to death or illness, we have the skills, experience, and passion to help make things right.

When corporations break the law, they don’t just hurt one person; they usually harm a whole group of people. Protecting the rights of those people in class action lawsuits is what we at Cohen McKeon do best. We help ensure that companies live up to their responsibilities and that they honor their obligations of implied covenant and good-faith fair dealing to all the people in a class that they have injured.

At no cost to the plaintiffs, we file class action lawsuits on behalf of people like you who have been injured by the unlawful or unfair actions of corporations. We put action into class action.

Our attorneys are also expert at litigating consumer class actions against companies whose products have harmed consumers and against employers whose actions have violated the rights of their workers.

When it comes to the law, we’re on your side.

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