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Michael was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. After high school he attended the University of Texas at Austin, earning his B.A. with Highest Honors (Phi Beta Kappa, Dean’s Distinguished Graduate). He graduated in 1991 from Harvard Law School, where he was an editor for the Harvard Law Review.

After law school Michael spent a year traveling throughout the United States, interviewing hundreds of people in their twenties about their hopes, their ambitions, and their concerns about the future. His research became the basis for his book, The Twentysomething American Dream.

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Our Clients Trust Us

  • As a labor and employment lawyer of more than 30 years, I have had many opportunities to refer litigation to various firms and lawyers.  None have been as prompt, efficient and effective as Michael Cohen.  He and his staff provided professional service, took care of all matters associated with the cases, kept me apprised as the matters proceeded and in every case my client ultimately prevailed.  I recommend Michael without reservation.

    Jim Karner
  • My gratitude for Michael’s expertise and commitment to me as a client that went well beyond my expectations cannot be expressed with mere words. Michael represented me, as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, when my partner passed away after making only one premium payment, and the insurance company refused to honor the policy. With every “expert” telling me my case was unwinnable, Michael proved them all wrong and obtained a substantial settlement. He kept digging and digging until he ascertained the actual facts and left them with no choice but to settle. It was a lengthy process, and Michael kept me fully informed with each step. I hope I am never involved in a suit again, but if the unforeseen happens, it is Michael I will turn to.

    Steven Krauss
  • I own a jewelry business in Los Feliz.  One night, a thief broke in and stole over half a million dollars in gold, silver, and semi-precious stones.  My insurance did not cover my loss.  I hired Michael and Heather to sue my insurance broker for failing to get the right kind of insurance for my business. I was so impressed with Michael and Heather’s skills and give them all the credit for winning my case.  Throughout the process, I felt they were both completely on my side and never felt pressured to do anything that made me uncomfortable. They were aggressive but still professional, which I believe helped us to reach a good settlement before trial. I wholeheartedly recommend this team.

    Liza Shtromberg Fine Jewelry
  • Michael and I were adversaries in a deeply felt professional liability dispute.  Our firm represented an insurance broker.  Michael and Heather represented the broker’s former client.  Feelings ran hard on both sides.  Throughout the litigation, Michael and Heather managed to be aggressive yet professional, which we gladly reciprocated.  The case settled on the eve of trial in a way that both sides recognized as a solid, business-oriented resolution.  Michael served his client well not only during his effective examination in depositions, but also by knowing when the case was in a position where both sides were ready and able to resolve the matter in its entirety.  I know I will personally recommend those who have been injured or who have suffered financial damage to Michael and Heather’s firm.

    Mitchell J. Freedman P.K. Schrieffer LLP
  • I had been contacted about taking over representation for a client in his case against Zurich American Insurance Company after the client’s prior counsel had withdrawn.  The case had been litigated for years before it came to me.  I concluded that the case was in such a mess that it was un-winnable.  So I declined.  Michael Cohen then took over the case, and he did a phenomenal job.  He turned a sure loser into a winner.  I continued to monitor the progress of the case and was amazed at the work Michael did.  He and Heather obtained a stunning result for the client.

    Steve Glickman Glickman & Glickman
  • After battling Michael in a very challenging and hotly contested jury trial in a high-exposure insurance bad faith case with sophisticated insurance coverage issues and complicated real estate issues, I can state unequivocally that he is an exceptionally talented trial lawyer.  He was thoroughly prepared on the facts and the law, and he aggressively advanced his client’s arguments at every stage of the case. He very effectively used summary adjudication and other pre-trial motions to narrow the issues in his client’s favor.  During trial, Michael used demonstrative evidence very effectively, keeping the jurors’ attention during the course of a long trial.  Based on our post-trial interviews of the jurors, they liked him very much. There are very few former adversaries to whom I send clients with matters I cannot handle due to conflicts. Michael is one of those few. I have referred a number of clients to him and will continue to do so. Michael is one of the very best!

    Robert Garrett Garrett & Tully, PC

Representative Cases

Homeowner’s Property Insurance

Forty-nine families sued Farmers for failing to fully compensate them for the earthquake damage to their individual homes.

Homeowners Association’s Insurance

Lakeside Village suffered a fire that resulted in several units being uninhabitable.

Commercial Property Insurance

After suffering a fire to their baking facility, we assisted Original Jacks in resolving the loss of business income portion of their insurance claim.

Liability Insurance

Michael persuaded the court that the policy’s $1-million limit on defense costs did not apply to his client’s claims and that a duty to defend was owed on all seven lawsuits.

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