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residential property insurance claims

About Homeowner’s Residential Property Insurance Claims

Nearly all mortgage lenders require borrowers to purchase homeowners insurance to protect the asset that the lender uses as collateral. If a loss occurs, homeowners insurance protects not only the home, but also the contents. Sometimes, homeowners are unhappy with the outcome after filing an insurance claim because the insurance company denied the claim or underestimated the damage. If you do not agree with the result of your homeowners insurance claim, you can dispute the claim to ensure you receive the amount you deserve.

Here Are Some Facets of Homeowner’s Coverage:

Claims Presentation: assists policyholders in the presentation and adjustment of their insurance claim
Fire, smoke, soot & ash: presenting and litigating fire losses means our clients receive the most favorable and efficient resolution of their claims

Liability/Failure to Defend: your insurance carrier did not provide you with an attorney to defend you, then you may have a case against your liability insurance carrier

Theft Insurance: we can assist you in ensuring that your insurance company pays for all of your stolen property

Water Insurance: water losses can occur from several sources including: a sudden leak in plumbing or an appliance

Wind, Hail & Lightning: Insurance policies cover damage caused by wind, hail and lightening.

Earthquake Insurance: Our firm has extensive experience in the handling of earthquake claims

About Title Insurance Claims

We Litigate Title Insurance Claims on Behalf of the Policyholder

Michael L. Cohen Law is one of the few firms in California with experience litigating title insurance claims on behalf of the policyholder. Because title insurance is very limited in the coverage it provides, it is a very difficult area of the law and experience and knowledge is a key factor in triggering coverage. In a recent case, Michael was able to trigger a duty to defend under a title insurance policy resulting in the recovery of the benefits of the insurance contract for the insured.

About Homeowners Association Claims

Homeowners association insurance protects board and titleholders from liability.

Without the general insurance and directors and officers coverage, directors and officers can be held liable and would be negligent in permitting individual titleholders to be held liable as well.

Homeowner’s Residential Property Litigation Case Results

Matthews v. Allstate Insurance Company
Cheryl and Leroy Matthews’ home suffered a substantial water loss that resulted in them having to move out of their home. Ms. Matthews described the water loss as if it was raining in her home. As a result of poor remediation efforts, mold quickly developed in their home forcing the Matthews into temporary housing. The Matthews hired the firm to sue their insurance carrier, Allstate Insurance Company, for failing to pay for all the damages to their home and not covering all of the expenses associated with living in temporary housing. The Matthews’ lawsuit also alleges that the remediation company’s failure to properly remediate the water loss resulted in additional damages to the home.

Harris v. State Farm General Insurance Company
The firm and its co-counsel represent a group of homeowners whose homes were damaged by soot and ash as a result of the Station Fire. State Farm has allegedly failed to properly pay these homeowners for contractor’s overhead and profit on their soot and ash claims. This putative class action is currently pending in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Dawson v. Allstate Insurance Company
The Dawsons’ home was damaged when a tree that had been struck by lightning fell on their home. The home also suffered water damage during the storm. This claim was favorably settled.

Foster v. Fire Insurance Exchange
After a valuable painting was stolen from him home, Jan Foster hired Heather to represent him in after the carrier denied his claim and intimated that he had participated in the theft of his own painting. The case successfully resolved for more than three times the value of the painting.

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