The presentation of an insurance claim can be a trying and difficult experience. After already having survived a traumatic experience, you need someone you can rely on to ensure that you receive all of your insurance benefits. Our firm regularly assists policyholders in the presentation and adjustment of their insurance claim, so that the policyholder can focus on getting their life back to normal without the added stress of dealing with their insurance company.

Whether your home was destroyed by a fire, damaged by the smoke, soot and ash left behind by a wildfire, damaged by a leaking pipe, or burglarized, we can help you submit your claim to ensure that you not only receive the benefits for the damaged and destroyed dwelling and personal belongings, but also for the additional living expenses you incur while your home is uninhabitable. We have the expertise to properly submit costs of repair for your dwelling and to properly itemize your damaged, destroyed or stolen personal belongings to maximize your insurance recovery. Insurance companies routinely require an Examination Under Oath before fully paying insurance benefits. We can represent you during these Examinations to ensure that your rights are fully protected.

We can also help businesses present their claims for damage to their buildings, inventory and loss of business income.

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